Our office is pleased to provide you with online access to your​ health information through ourpatient portal If you need to set up a portal account, email us at theclinic@reservoirfamilymedical.com or give us a call!  


                                                                                                    From the portal, our established patients can 

                                                                                                       -view details about upcoming appointments  

                                                                                                       -exchange secure messages with our staff

                                                                                                        -read and print important forms

                                                                                                        -view lab results, weight, med list, and more

​​To view a copy of our clinic's Privacy Practices, click the link. 

This is a notice that describes how we may use and disclose

your protected health information and your rights as a patient

as stated in the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  If you have any issues or 

concerns about this information, please contact

cari@reservoirfamilymedical.com or call the clinic.


Established patients


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